This article is about the changes from the original story to the finished version that has went through.

Changes Edit

  • Original the title was named "What a wonderful life" but is then chosen to be "this wonderful world"
  • originally the players were going to use pins in the reapers game but were changed to cards.
  • the original enemies were going to be Noise from the world ends with you but were turned to heartless since the reapers game already had a part in the Hikari Falls series.

The names of days Edit

  • The names of some of the days are slightly changed:

week/day/original name/current name

1.1:The game begins with you| The game

1.2:please let me live| don't kill me

1.3:trustworthy people| who 2 trust

1.4:erasure| erased

1.5:American legends| what's truth and what's fiction

1.6:Pride and Inferiority Complex| Superiority/Inferiority

1.7:endless dream| wakeless dream

2.1:the rules are simple| Rulz

2.2:shinigami| Reaper

2.3:drifting on the streets| Roamin the streetz

2.4:badge| the cards

2.5:territory| turf

2.6:dashing beast| clashing beast

2.7:clashing desirer| what matters most

3.1:Common Sense, No Common Sense| Sensible Senseless

3.2:youth stylz| style

3.3:death god| Composer

3.4:guilt| guilt


3.6:stride| STRIDE

3.7:Game| GAME

Ending:Another day:This wonderful day begins with you| Another day:The world begins with you