Andre,Babe and Sakura

Eri is one of the main characters of The Hikari Falls and serves as Andre's partner during his first Reapers Game. Eri meets Andre on the very first day of the game.

Personalilty Edit

Eri tries her best to help others. If she has something to say, she won't hesitate to say it. She always acts kind and positive. Despite the happy attitude she likes to show, Eri feels inferior or useless to others, which make her jealous of her idols. Still, she tries her best to not let these feelings affect her and turns them around into positive ones.

Story Edit

Eri meets Andre on the very first day of the game. She explains the situation to her partner and teaches him how to use his card. Though Andre is at first resistant to her, she constantly remains a source of positive support for him and teaching him of the value of friendship. At the end of the second day, when Andre tries to kill her to escape the Game, she still remains forgiving. However, she is constantly hurt and shocked by his total lack of shown empathy, especially when Sakura is killed. When she meets Yodai, he mocks her, taunting her about the jealousy in her heart. Because of this, Eri becomes unsure and unfocused for an entire day. Later She asks Andre what he thought of her looks but he never replied she tells him that she just wanted to look as good as Miki and tells him that Yodai was right and she didn't like herself cause she was nothing like Miki, Andre tells her that he likes her the way she is and that causes her to stay more focused after that.Eri and Andre go on to defeat Yodai and win the Game.

Unfortunately, only one of them can move on, and Eri is chosen. She protests about not leaving without Andre, but Andre urges her to leave and meet up with Eri. Tearfully, Eri leaves for the RG—only to be taken as Andre's entry price for his next Game (Regardless, Eri could not be brought back to life due to the Composer's absence). Eri awakens deep within the sacred hall on the last day of the 3rd week, where Andre and Babe are passing through to find the Composer, after Andre and Babe break enough rules to disqualify themselves. Upon finding the Reapers' hideout, the card she had gained during her Game is activated by Kitaniji, and without her Player card she is mind controlled.

She is then forced to fight Babe while Andre attacks Kitaniji. After Andre defeats the Conductor, she continues to attack, sending multiple energy shots at Andre. She is blocked by Babe, who is knocked out in the attack. Andre takes the opportunity to cut her card in half. Eri loses consciousness along with Babe, and Andre goes to fight the Composer alone. Eri and Babe wake up shortly after and rush after their friend just in time to find him about to fight Kitaniji once more. Together, the trio fight the Conductor. Denvor then enters and is forcibly fused with the Conductor, stealing away both Babe and Eri. Fortunately, all three partners manage to sync up with Andre while he fights alone, giving him enough power to defeat the Conductor and save them. Sadly, Denvor then reveals himself as the Composer. Still, Denvor decides to spare the city, and Eri and Andre spent the day together and they run into Babe and Sakura, where they happily reunite.

Fusions Edit

Stage 1:Eri and Andre ride their keyblades and make a hurrican.

  • Eri:"C'mon it's time"
  • Andre:"I'm right behind you!"

Weapon Edit

Lure Breaker